• Raymond Boone

Weekly Catchup 2/7/2022 - 2/13/2022

“If we have the attitude that it’s going to be a great day it usually is.”

Catherine Pulsifier

Thoughts of the Week

Our attitude typically determines our day, so why not start the day with a great attitude? Even after a rough night of sleep or when you're already looking forward to all that you have to complete in the coming day, you can make the decision when you start your day that you're going to have a great day. It may sound cliché, but I believe if you start with a positive mindset you control your outlook on your day.

Workout of the Week

Keeping it simple on this workout, some great moves to incorporate if you're short on time. Pushups, Lunges, V-ups, and everyone's favorite Wall sits make up this quick burning circuit. Take a look at the video for instructions. See workout here.

Recipe of the Week

I was short on time this week with my meal prep, so I decided to throw this meal together from one of my favorite chef's FitMenCook. I choose to substitute in spinach to make it more of a "salad" rather than having rice. Give it a try! Recipe is here.

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